1. What does Skuut mean?
(skoot) n. An attractive wooden bike without pedals for young children.
v. To push forward and glide with glee on aforementioned wooden bike.

2. How do you pronounce Skuut?
(skoot) Skuut rhymes with hoot, toot and boot. Use it as in "It's a hoot to Skuut!"

3. How do you Skuut?
It is amazingly intuitive. Sitting on the Skuut, kids first walk the bike forward. As they go faster they stride with feet off the ground for longer and longer periods of time, ultimately being able to pull both feet off the ground and coast. At first they tilt to one side or the other and their feet catch them like training wheels or a tripod would. Very quickly balance becomes second nature and they can coast for yards with their feet off the ground. Braking is done Fred Flintstone style: just put your feet down and stop.

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4. How long does it take to learn?
Our children were able to walk/ride the first time they sat down. They were able to coast with their feet up after a week or two. Learning curves are different for different children.

5. How old does a child have to be to ride the Skuut?
The Skuut is designed for children ages 2- 5.

6. Is there assembly required?
The Skuut comes partially assembled, you will only need to attach the handlebars and seat, which should not take more than 10 minutes. Instructions and tools are provided.

7. Is the seat adjustable?
The seat is easily adjustable so children of all sizes can ride the Skuut.

8. How much does The Skuut balance bike weigh?
The bike weighs about 10 lbs, and is well distributed, so it is easy to carry when your toddler tires out.

9. How high up is the seat?
The adjustable seat ranges from just over 13.5 inches to 16.5 inches high, fitting most 2-5 year olds.

10. What are the tires made of?
The tires are pneumatic rubber. They can tolerate up to 40PSI, but we suggest 20-25 PSI for best shock absorbtion.

11. This gift is for a Birthday or Christmas, will my child know what is inside?
The Skuut box ships with the picture of the bike on the outside, so if your order is a gift or a surprise, you may want to have it shipped to an alternate address.

12. Does the Skuut require any maintenance?
1. Like all ride-on toys, the Skuut requires some ongoing maintenance. Bolts may loosen from movement and vibration, so make sure to check them for tightness before each ride.
2. Do not leave or store the Skuut outside for long periods of time. Though it is protected by a lacquer veneer coating, it is still made of wood, and is susceptable to warping, rotting, etc from too much exposure to the elements.
3. Failure to perform routine maintenance of or follow the Skuut storage recommendations may void the warranty.











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