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Imagine learning to ride a bike without fear of falling. Thanks to a truly unique invention from Skuut, kids can learn how to balance on two wheels on this wooden training bike where you can pedal with your feet, "Flintstones"-style. Named one of the Dr. Toy 10 Best Active Products, and winner of the 2008 Creative Child Magazine Top Toy of the Year award.


Ahhh, the childhood rite of passage -- learning to ride a bike. Your kids beg and plead, and you and your husband try to pass the buck until you've got the only 12-year-old with training wheels. No more! The Skuut balance bike lets your kid teach himself how to ride a bike, and it's pretty darn cool.
Wow! Thank you so much!! When Spielwerks said you all were great to work with they really meant it! Our son, Eli, is 3 1/2 and is OBSESSED with riding his Skuut. He rides it daily (not exaggerating) he even rides it to his preschool-20 minute ride away. So thank you so very much- we recommend your bike to everyone that gawks at how cool it is!
Char S.
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"From now on, we won't leave home without it. we brought it on our road trip to texas, and it came in handy at rest stops too. it is so compact and light, and easy to carry, there is no reason not to bring it along."
"Just wanted to let you all know what a wonderful product you have!  It was a hit from the very beginning.  When our son 2 year old walked down the stairs, he just right on and took off.  He has had it since Christmas day and already able to coast 5-6 feet with no feet and stop himself on hills!  We will recommend this product to anyone and everyone.  Thank you."
Bryan and Crystal F.
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I recorded a quick audio testimonial of my son sharing what he likes about his Skuut. Click play to listen!
“You pedal with it with your feet, it goes like 3 miles an hour and it lasts going for ten seconds or longer.

Not to be outdone, 5 year old Ilana recorded her own review of the Skuut bike here:
“It always doesn’t have wheels but it’s so easier. Sometimes I can balance on it but not really good of course. But I like the bike very, very much.”
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"I had to share this with you. We bought my son the Skuut bike last August for his 2nd birthday. Even with the seat all the way down, he couldn't touch the ground and we had to store it away for the winter. As the weather turned warm here in New England, we tried it again. This time, he could reach the ground (on tip toes) and rocked back and forth. Within 6 weeks, he is riding with complete confidence and balance and everywhere we go, people comment on the bike and what a great rider he is! Thanks for such a terrific way to learn to ride a bike!"
Michelle H.


“The Skuut arrived a few days ago, and we have now assembled it. It works great, and my son is overjoyed, and I have to say that he really loves that stand more than anything J.  Thanks so much for your excellent support. I really appreciate it. If your company has any formal avenue for mentioning excellent service, I would be happy to do it on your behalf. Or maybe this glowing email will suffice!”
Linda K.

I just wanted to say that your guys product is great!  It took me only a few minutes to put together , thanks for a good service and a great product!  I would tell you my son loves it, but it is just a little too big for him right now, in a few months or so he'll be ready.  Thanks again for the great service and good luck with the holidays!
W. Holland, MA
So there you go, the non-believer that I was, now praising the virtues of the “Skuut”. The funny wooden bike-like thing that I only saw in Park Slope and thought was just another “must-have” for those people that live on slanted streets.
"We discussed saving it for Christmas, but I couldn't wait!) So I pushed her around the house a few times and she loved it. I think we can have some fun with it until she gets tall enough!"
Baby Lust #2 - The Skuut Wooden Balance Bike
Ok so everyone who's everyone in preschool is scooting around on a Skuut. And I mean everyone. Now don't get me wrong, the Kettrike still seriously rocks hard. But the Skuut has a heck of a lot going for it.
Babies Gotta Have It - http://babiesgottahaveit.com
I just wanted to let you know that we got the Skuut over the weekend.  She has had a blast trying to learn it.  NO tears like the bike with training wheels.  Every single person that has come over she has taken them to the garage to show her new "ride" out.  Thank you so much.
Evonne S.
I gotta tell you, as far as customer service goes you guys rock! I never even have to question whether the customer will get taken care of, and that makes my life easy, and reassures any customer who is wondering about a wooden bike holding up. Thanks again!
Marty/Solano Avenue Cyclery
"We are up and going. My son was so excited. He has been on the skuut for three days and is really starting to try and get himself moving. He is 2 1/2 and loving it. Last year when we bought the first one he was too short, now it is perfect. My 4 year old loves it too and is trying to show the little one how to get it to go faster. Thank you again for all your help with this. I am looking forward to many happy summer days of riding."
M.S., New Hampshire
"My 3 year old son Ben got his skuut this last Christmas. He absolutely loves it. He has mild CP and has never peddled a regular bike. The Skuut is perfect for him and he is just starting to master it now."
Rob N.
“That's exciting - I will definitely look for the photo on your website! We allow him to "skuut" in the house, so he has been skuuting non-stop. He actually would rather skuut than watch Dora (his favorite show). Reggie also likes to pretend that he's delivering the mail or ice cream on his skuut. Very cute!”
Amy Jo, Minneapolis
"Dear Skuut People - We got our Skuut for our son's 3rd birthday last year. We were amazed that 20 minutes after he was on it, that he was "riding" a bike! Within a week or so of riding (every day, everywhere!) he was keeping his feet off the ground for long periods of time!  I was a nanny for 11 years before I became a mom, and I had the privilege (and the chore) of running behind little, traditional bikes, always ending up bandaging little scraped knees, and tending to my own backache! What a joy the Skuut is! Attached is a picture of my son Benjamin (now 4-years-old) with his Skuut at our local dirt bike track; where, by the way, a teenaged boy said about the Skuut, and I quote:  "Dude!  That is a SICK ride!"  I think that means "really cool!"  Take care"
James, Rebecca, and Benjamin K.
"We bought Skuut bikes for our two daughters, ages two and four, about two months ago and they are a huge hit. Both girls mastered balancing, coasting, turning and propelling themselves on the Skuuts in a short period. They have learned balance far better than they did on their "big girl" bikes with training wheels. As a bonus, the wipe-outs on the Skuut bikes are far less frequent and much less consequencial (when they feel themselves tipping over, they just put a foot down and they stop). The result is that girls are developing their skills faster and having more fun. This is a great, safe way to teach your child to ride and a fun toy as well."
E. Stanton. Seattle, WA
"The Skuut bike is fantastic!  My oldest son (3 years) moved up to riding a "regular" 2-wheel bike without ever needing training wheels!  All of my wife's friends are now buying balance bikes after seeing my son riding his 2-wheeler."
Paul G., Valencia, CA
"Thank you for your excellent customer service. I realize this is a busy time of year and your quick response exceeded my expectations. Thank you!  I am happy to share my story with other parents that I know."
Kris, WA
"It's great for my son. He's autistic and has difficulties with pedaling motions. The Skuut allows him to whip around like the other kids."
Dale and Sara Elford
"Oh my gosh, Harrison loves it! It was very hard to get him off the skuut to come eat lunch today. Thank you so much."
Jennifer, San Francisco
"Ever since we bought our Skuut about a week before Christmas, our son has been in love with it. It has totally transformed our experience in taking a walk with him, from feeling like pulling teeth to being something he is really excited about, since he gets to ride his Skuut. Our neighbors and friends have all commented on how "cool" they think it is. And we could not agree more :-)"
Henrik, Austin
"I purchased a Skuut for my son for a Christmas present this yr.. our older daughter (almost 5) is the one who's been riding it around the house.  We LOVE it= in basically 1 month she has really developed balance that will help her ride her big bike soon!!"
Lori, TX
"Every time we are out with the Skuut, people ask us about it. We always recommend it highly to others. It's a great way to learn to ride a bike – much better than training wheels. And the best part is that it's so light to carry if the child doesn't feel like riding it any more."
Annika, Berkeley, CA
"Hey, we got the bike.  A day early even! 
My 3 year old daughter tends to be intimidated by new physical challenges and within a few minutes she knew the basics and rode to all the way around the block, walking style.  Thankfully, her first bike experience was easy and most of all fun.  I am sure that in a few days she will be zooming along.  She liked the way it easily went over the bumps and cracks in the sidewalk."
Thank you so much.
Jennifer M.
Boise, Idaho
"You have re-stored my faith in the online consumer system.... My son who was just recently diagnosed with Autism, has found a extremely important outlet for his energy in the "skuut"  bike.  It only took one ride for him to become "hooked" on riding it.  After a unfortunately accident that let his beloved skuut broken.  I was extremely surprised and thrilled to find that this company not only responded quickly but also stands behind their product 100%.  I know that there are cheaper knock-off out there but in terms of quality and customer service, I will always recommend the SKUUT to everyone I meet...  You guys rock,  Thanks for bringing some need joy into my son's and my life. "
Kelli, Oregon
"We bought Lukas his skuut for Christmas 2006.  He loves his skuut.  We even packed the skuut in our checked luggage when we went to Crested Butte, CO for summer vacation. I cannot tell you how many heads turn and how many people ask us where to get a skuut no matter where we are. 

This July 2007, we were visiting an uncle who pulled out a 16" bike from the garage, dusted it off, and let Lukas try it.  Lukas was riding the bike within 10 minutes.  And then at one point Lukas said, "I'm going to go fast now," and my husband had to sprint to keep up with him.  So we received the old bike as a 4 yr old present for Lukas.  Everyone was amazed that Lukas took off on the bike like that, and we know that it is because he began with the skuut.  Lukas still rides his skuut, and he also likes to ride the 16" bike as well.  Lukas turned 4 on July 24th.  There are no training wheels on the 16" bike."
Henrik & Debbi, Austin, TX
"Way less scary than a traditional two-wheeler (and less likely to produce scraped knees), the Skuut also teaches steering, coordination, and independence. It usually takes a week or two to figure out how to coast, but once kids get it, you'll have a hard time getting them to stop." 
The Daily Candy
"In a bike-obsessed city like SF, the Skuut wooden bike gives preschoolers the big-kid riding experience, as well as a leg up on the competition: Its design helps youngsters forgo the awkward "training wheel" period altogether."
7 x 7 Magazine
The Skuut was named one of the Best Educational Toys of 2006 by Savvy Picks:  "I can see it already - our kids will puzzle over a set of training wheels the same way they'll be stumped by what a rotary phone or a vinyl record is. Another sign that the world has spun right past us children of the, ahem, last century. Sigh. But what lucky kids these are: this wonderful wooden bicycle without pedals - the Skuut - is a true delight. Kids just hop on and use their feet to push off, first walking it along, then mastering the two-wheel balance and then "skuut-ing" or gliding and coasting. As the website says, brakes are "Fred Flintstone-style" (meaning of course that the rider's two little feet just touch the ground to slow the Skuut down). It's every bit as charming as the shiny red bike we daydreamed of so many decades ago, and it has none of the frustrations of training wheels and too-short legs and that strange exhilarated terror that your mom or dad might actually let go of the back before you had the thing balanc ed. Your little one will be happily on the move immediately, learning balance, coordination and steering while enjoying the pure joys of a first bike ride. The Skuut version of the European-style pedal-less bike is very well-made, a snap to assemble and especially reasonable in price. But save your training wheels ... maybe they'll be worth something on eBay someday as a collector's item. (Ages 2-5)"
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